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I’ve always had a creative side and I love sewing, so combining the two was a natural fit. I love the feel of the different fabrics and how I can completely transform the look of a room with something as simple as a change of color. My inspiration for creating pillow covers actually came from my kids, since spills and wear and tear are common. I always hated throwing pillows into the washing machine because they never came out the same. They were always lumpy and didn’t keep their shape, and new pillows were expensive to buy each time. After viewing a tutorial on how to create pillow covers with a zipper, I was hooked! After receiving so many compliments on how well sewn and professional my covers looked, I decided to open up my Etsy shop and Forever Lavender Designs was born!


When it comes to making a room look its best, pillows are essential to a room’s decor. With our pillow covers, you can quickly and easily change the look of your room within minutes by adding pops of color or design.

Pillow covers can be changed as often as you like to freshen up your room’s decor – weekly, monthly, seasonally, or just during the holiday – using your already existing pillows and also saving you valuable storage space. How often you change them is up to you!

At Forever Lavender Designs, we use only high quality fabrics to make all of our covers. Our designs complement any home decor and feature hidden zippers for easy removal and storage. Pillow covers are available in most standard pillow insert sizes: 12×20 (lumbar), 16×16, 18×18 and 20×20. Please note pillow covers are sewn one inch smaller than the listed size to allow for a nice, snug fit. (We recommend folding the pillow insert in half when inserting inside the pillow cover.) Custom sizes can be arranged depending on fabric availability. 

Have your own fabric you’d like made into a pillow cover? We can do that too! Only home decor, quilt or flannel fabrics accepted. Please contact us for a quote.


Triple Layer Face Masks offer full facial coverage and feature a filter pocket, adjustable drawstrings that offer more comfort than elastic and a nose guard for a better fit. Separate fabrics differentiate the front of the mask from the back.


Solid Color Face Mask



The heating pack inserts are made with 100% cotton fabric and food grade flaxseeds with or without lavender. The removable covers are made with soft flannel so they feel gentle against your skin and can be washed as needed. The packs can also be placed inside a freezer and used as a cooling pack.


Our handmade sachets are made with salts infused with essential oils and are available in lavender scent and in eucalyptus and spearmint scent.


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